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Here are some of what people have said about me, my reiki classes, my meditation groups and Clerkenwellbeing.

[I liked] ...the chance to learn from you during a treatment so I can listen and explore in a guided way, I feel like I want to do more of that.

Ruth (Reiki 2 Attunement)

A great balance between receiving information, practical/experiential and anecdotal. [I liked the]... varying ways to apply Reiki to everyday life, treatments etc.... Great to have you  there while treating, explaining what you were doing then me seeing what I could feel.

Anna (Reiki 2 Attunement)

10/10 Calm environment, friendly staff, well organised, easy to book just one class or a series of classes.

Lee (Meditation review via Clerkenwellbeing Listen360)

Great experience. Glad I came, you're a blessing. Thank you, Tim

Yosra (Reiki Level 1 course)

Thanks, I really enjoyed the course

Hanna (Reiki Level 1 course)

Really enjoyed it and felt safe

Emma (Reiki Level 1 course)

I have had the most interesting and intriguing weekend. I have learnt so much and the things you taught me are important and life affirming to me. So thank you very very much!
The people I have met in the last two days have been very nice, open and just lovely  = )   We have learnt today how to take in another person’s aura. the different levels etc. and it seriously was a lot of fun experiencing this, as the people involved were very open and interested learning and taking in new things.
I again thank you for all the insights you have guided me towards.
I am really glad I spent the two days learning about Reiki etc. and I’m quite sure you’ll see me for more soon...

Bea (Reiki Level 1 course)

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