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Here are some Frequently asked questions regarding the Reiki courses and Meditation:

Can anyone learn Reiki?

Yes, anyone can theoretically learn Reiki as it is a simple energy healing system. It is a simple system that anyone of all ages can learn.  It would be lovely for the whole world to be attuned to Reiki and practice the precepts, as I'm sure it would make it a much nicer place to live.

However I will not attune women who are pregnant.  This is because the attunement adjusts and clears the energetic body and this can lead to healing crises in anyone and there is a small chance that this might not be good for the health of the baby.  Once you have had the baby I am more than happy to attune the mother.

Do I need to have experienced Reiki before I have an attunement?

I would recommend that you have received some Reiki before you decide to have an attunement, as it introduces your body to the Reiki energy and will start the clearance process.  It does not have to be with me, but I do offer treatments if you want to meet me and see what I am like and what my approach is.

What are healing crises?

Healing crises are the body clearing out the rubbish and whilst they might feel severe they are not something to be worried about.  They can be quite dramatic, but they are just your body taking advantage of the energy boost you received during the attunement.

Will I feel anything during the attunement?

Most people feel something during their attunement, though what that is varies from person to person.  I recently had two students who saw the most amazing colours and images (one was a swirling cloud of light getting nearer, the other had the most amazing purple and white lights enveloping them) during their Reiki 1 attunementf.  Personally I felt a whoosh of energy through me (at each of the attunements I've received) but never seen images as clearly as my two students.  Do not worry if you do not feel anything, but enjoy the experience if you do.

Do I have to do all three levels?

No, you are under no pressure to take all three levels.  Generally people who want to practice professionally on the public will take all three levels and then also the Teacher course, but this is not for everyone.

Some people are happy to only take the first Reiki course, whilst others want to do the second level and no more than that.  It is your path, and I am here to support you in the steps you take, but I am not going to force you to go further than you want.