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What is Reiki?

In the western world the word Reiki is used to describe two things: the energy and the Hands holding plant.healing system that uses it.  The Reiki energy is considered a pure type of life force, similar in idea (but different in feel) to chi and prana of the Chinese and Indian philosophies. The system uses this energy to help develop the individual’s spiritual well being.  There is more information on my blog about what Reiki is

Reiki energy is available all around and is a part of the world around us.  It is a pure energy that we absorb to help us heal.  In today's world we are rushing around so much that we do not really get enough to be able to fully heal and maintain ourselves.

Can I use Reiki?

Everyone "uses" Reiki, but to be able to fully absorb and gain enough of this marvelous energy for our bodies to be sufficiently energised, you need to be attuned to it, which is what these courses are intended to do.  The attunement allows you to use the Reiki energy and access particular energy symbols and mantras and this can only be done by a Reiki Teacher. The attunement is like tuning a radio in to receive a particular station, which subsequent attunements making a stronger and sharper connection to the Reiki.

Once you have been attuned to Reiki you never lose the ability, though if you don’t use it then, like a muscle, it gets weaker and you might find it harder to feel.

Your body deserves to have the best possible chance of health, Reiki provides the often overlooked energy that the body needs to function fully.


Tim has been practicing Reiki for nine years and is a member of the UK Reiki Federation