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What should you look for when choosing a Reiki Teacher? When deciding to attend a Reiki course and become attuned to this wonderful healing vibration it can seem like there are so many teachers to choose from.

All Reiki Master Teachers are able to trace their connection back to Dr Usui.  This is their lineage and is the unbroken line of teacher/pupil starting with Dr Usui and moving downwards.  My lineage is available for all to see (see right)

When choosing a Reiki Teacher you should find someone that you feel comfortable with.  It is also advisable to meet them in advance (where possible, if not then have a phone conversation with them) and ideally have a Reiki session with them, so you know that you get on with them. Do not be afraid to contact a number of Reiki teachers until you find one that seems right to you.

I teach in a relaxed manner, but covers all the necessary areas, and encourages discussions about ideas and thoughts (appropriate to the course, of course)

There are courses that are available for online attunements.  These are not recognised by the UK Reiki Federation as valid when you come to register with them as a practitioner.

The Reiki Federation is a good resource to find a Reiki Teacher that is right for you.