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How and Why to create and nurture a consistent Reiki Practice

Creating and nurturing a consistent Reiki practice is easier than initial appearances suggest.  In

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practice, Reiki requires no more planning or forethought than most self-care activities, such as brushing teeth, and it can be no more conspicuous than drinking a glass of water. So if a consistent Reiki practice requires no planning or special time set aside each day dedicated to practice, then can it be considered healing?

The answer is yes, because healing itself is a daily activity. In fact, most healing occurs as a result of everyday self-care practices, like drinking water, eating foods that aid in digestion, and providing Reiki to the energy system. In many cases advanced healing is required when self-care practices are abandoned, ignored, or done in small measure relative to biologically stressful lifestyle choices, such as not getting enough sleep, excessive drug or alcohol usage, over or under eating, and not drinking enough water.

For those who struggle in their commitment to a strong, consistent self-care regime, time, is often the factor cited to explain why. But for those whom perceive time, and the shortage of it a problem, that problem is now resolved; for the self-care Reiki provides to your energy system, can be just as automatic and mundane as drinking a glass of water when you feel thirsty. Furthermore, Reiki does not require a meditative state, spiritual pursuit, or daily ritual for it to work. All that is required is the use of one hand poised in the Reiki position and applied to, or directed towards the body, and with that you are receiving, and benefiting from receiving Reiki.  For this reason it can be used and practiced while you enjoy a host of other activities and be done as inconspicuously as drinking water.  And like drinking water you can practice Reiki while most things such as standing in line at the market, having a meeting, talking on the phone, watching a movie, reading a book, or sitting in traffic.

Additionally, using Reiki everyday and throughout your day will provide cumulative benefits that can help in many ways including an enhanced feeling of overall ease, reduction in stress induced symptoms, and a lowered reactivity to the people and situations encountered daily.

The following offers five simple ways you can easily incorporate Reiki into your daily life, and in so doing create and nurture a consistent Reiki practice.

  1. Use Reiki to provide ease in falling and staying asleep. Placing cupped Reiki hands on your chest or stomach as you lie in bed can help you relax, and has the extra benefit of helping to slow down an overactive mind. Ease and speed in achieving sleep better, and the quality of sleep experienced is deeper.
  2. Use Reiki to aid in digestion. Placing cupped Reiki hands over a meal before it is enjoyed it will energetically clean the food, and better prepare the food for assimilation into the body. Placing a cupped Reiki hand briefly over your stomach as you eat can further enhance the experience. This can be for just a few minutes and is not required for the length of the meal. This can have the added benefit of improving digestion, and helping you to notice when your physical body is satiated and requires no further food.
  3. Use Reiki to bring ease to stressful situations. Reiki can be used to help you in a business meeting or sitting in the dentist chair, it can ease the tension experienced during a difficult conversation or to take the edge off the daily stressors of the commute home. And this can be done while maintaining your privacy, for a cupped Reiki hand laid on the body does not need to appear as anything other than a relaxed hand.
  4. Use Reiki to address minor aches and pains throughout the day. Just like in the example above, simply placing your cupped Reiki hand on the area where pain or discomfort is being experienced starts to provide remedy and can be done while sitting at your desk or while buying a latte, and no one has to be wiser.
  5. Read a good book about Reiki. Make it one that provides you with information that is immediately accessible and easy to understand. Having language and an explanation for
    Understanding Reiki
    "Understanding Reiki" by Chyna Honey, 2014

    why and how Reiki works, will help to establish greater value for its practice and its place within your ever- changing lifestyle.

Incorporating one, or all of these suggestions daily will help build, create, and nurture a consistent Reiki practice. It can also be fun.

Written 4/3/2015 by Chyna Honey who among other things is a Reiki Master and Author of Understanding Reiki: From Self-Care to Energy Medicine